Indian case study of od intervention

TQM interventions utilize established quality techniques and programs that emphasize quality processes, rather than achieving quality by inspecting products and services after processes have been completed.

Further, workflow reviews were done with the objective of deploying an on-line regular review process and system to track individual performance against stated goals. This type of program utilizes group dynamics by gathering individuals together in loosely structured meetings.

Thus, those DVB-scheme employees who did not want to avail the VRS were compelled to demonstrate a higher degree of commitment. Examples of common enemies targeted in such programs include competitors, government regulation, and economic conditions.

Numerous interventions have been developed over the years to address different problems or create various results. Then NDPL management decided to reduce this number and they introduced computers in the salary department.

There was diffusion of expertise and we were yet to focus on building strategic expertise in individual centers. The basic goal is to create independent groups throughout the company that supervise themselves. Further reading OC and Bhatnagar, J.

Subject matter is determined by the group, within the context of basic goals stipulated by a facilitator. As OD practitioners have to work with diverse client organizations and cross-cultural teams, they will need to develop the required competence. At least, two authors were OC and S.

For example, Ramnarayan analyzed OC in several Indian Government organizations and found that a combination of both psychological and leadership-related impediments affect the change efforts. According to French and Bell, the nature of OD can be explained on the basis of foundations of OD and by understanding the OD process and its components.

The management at TCS felt that by and large, employees tended to go straight by the book. Role of senior managers as the main change catalysts The interview data indicate that the top management team respected the CEO of NDPL, for his charismatic and visionary leadership qualities.

Chapter 22 Organization development OD is one of the most significant developments in the field of organizational behavior in recent years. Saini Management Development Institute, Gurgaon, India Abstract Purpose — The purpose of this paper is to examine developments in the field of organizational change OC with reference to the context of India.

OD processes will use advanced technology and the duration of OD interventions will be reduced. While it is difficult to characterize a common Indian cultural pattern because of its heterogeneous demographics, some generic attributes are identified Sinha, Third, OD recognizes that every organization is unique and that the same solutions cannot simply be applied at any company—this assumption is reflected in an OD focus on research and feedback.

Od Interventions Case Study

Managers admin Female Overviews on Spiral Dynamics and its application to achieve team alignment was shared with theteam. Indeed, institutionalizing and internalizing such efforts is seen as essential when attempting to bring about change Garg and Singh, In general, organizations that wish to achieve a high degree of organizational change will employ a full range of interventions, including those designed to transform individual and group behavior and attitudes.

In order for an OD program to succeed, various issues in the client-consultant relationship have to be addressed. Promoting continuous improvement at a cross-functional level was one of the envisaged objectives.

The Head of HR expressed the view that leadership should be marked by a concern for acclimatizing the employees to the core values of the company. Goal specification frameworks, derived from the key performance parameters of the unit were chalked out.

Identification of talent for higher responsibility was also seen as a key focus area, highlighting the need to have a focused Career Planning and Mentoring process. Listening to the voice of the employee in a team scenario, by creating a platform for open sharing of thoughts on a relevant theme.

It is also worth noting that organizational development, though concerned with improving workforce performance, should not be mistaken for human resource development. This improved the general technical proficiency in the organization. Chapter 24 The research and practice in the field of OD has led to the emergence of new concepts and interventions.

This administration may include such aspects as monitoring quality or disciplining team members. DVB has been reporting very high losses particularly in distribution in the past. Dabur India Ltd- A Case Study 3. “The test of a successful company is to further harness energies, align priorities and re-dedicate themselves for achieving even higher goals.”.

Case Study 1 | Case Study 2 | Case Study 3 These intervention case studies will give you a clearer, deeper understanding of the Intervention process.

Though each situation is specific to the individual and no two situations are ever exactly the same, by reading through the case studies you'll gain insight into how it might go in your situation.

Intervention Case Studies

Introduction to Organizational Behavior provides insights into the basics of employee behavior in organizations. It discusses various aspects of individual behavior, such as personality, perception and motivation, and also examines the behavior of people working in groups and teams.

Business Case Studies, Corporate Governance & Business Ethics Case Study

The organizational development exercise spread over four months, involved entering an organization, interacting with key participants and stakeholders of the organization both formally and informally, diagnosing issues facing the organization and a mirroring exercise with the management at the end of the intervention to provide stylehairmakeupms.comgs – Some of the issues and improvement areas that emerged.

Organization Development has been defined as a process by which behavioral science knowledge and practices are used to help organizations to achieve greater effectiveness, including improved quality of life, increased productivity, and improved product and service quality.

Od Interventions Case Study; The Intervention: Culture Building. Organizational Change and Development: A Case Study in the Indian Electricity Market January The present economic growth of India is largely an outcome of the liberalization of its economic.

Indian case study of od intervention
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